Rolfe’s Nursery School

Christmas is coming at Rolfe’s Nursery School!

Posted: 27th November 2017

We are all preparing for the eagerly awaited Rolfe’s Nursery School Christmas concerts.


Our Nativity concerts will be held on Monday 11th December. All children will attend school as normal in the morning and school will finish at 12 noon to set up the stage for our performances.


Our afternoon nativity performances will run from 1.30 – 2pm (Bumble Bee Class) and 2.30 – 3pm (Ladybird Class). Children in the Bumble Bee class need to return to school in their costume at 1.15pm and Ladybird class need to return to school at 2.15pm. If your child is in our younger class, you are welcome to bring them back along to watch one of our performances and join in the singing and festivities. We will be shortly sending out letters to Ladybird and Bumblebee parents with details about the performance and about any costume requirements.


Our ‘Tinsel and Songs’ Christmas concerts will be held on Tuesday 5th December at 11.30am (Snail Class) and Wednesday 6th December at 11.30am (Caterpillar Class). All parents are warmly invited to join us for singing and celebration. If your child is a Snail or a Caterpillar and does not normally attend Nursery School during these sessions, please feel welcome to bring them along to school to join in the concert at 11.20am.  Pick-up will be at the usual time and our afternoon school will run as usual.

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