British Values at Rolfe’s Nursery School

The concept of ‘Fundamental British Values’ has been implicitly embedded within the early years foundation stage since 2014. It is part of the statutory prevent guidance that all childcare providers need to follow.

There are four British values which early year settings are required to promote.

The four British values are:

1.   Democracy

2.   Rule of law

3.   Individual liberty

4.   Mutual respect and tolerance

These are ingrained within all areas of the EYFS curriculum.


  1. Democracy

Democracy is where decisions are made together. It is about making sure that everyone has equal rights, is treated equally and that each child’s view matters.

  1. Rule of Law

The rule of law is about understanding that there are some rules that we need to follow. We learn that our actions have consequences and how to make good choices.

  1. Individual Liberty

Individual liberty focuses on freedom for everyone. It gives children a positive sense of themselves, helps them to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and increase confidence in their abilities.


  1. Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Mutual respect and tolerance is where we learn to treat others as we want to be treated, how to be part of a community, manage our feelings and behaviour, and form relationships with others.