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Head’s Blog- Monday 3rd February 2020

Posted: 3rd February 2020

Children’s Mental Health Week- Find your brave!

We are happy to be celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week 2020. Set up by children’s mental health charity Place2Be, the week will shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. This year’s theme is Find your Brave. Why should a Nursery School raise awareness of Mental Health issues at such a young age? It is important for children at this tender age to explore their feelings and recognise emotions. All children need to feel loved; nurtured, safe and confident. We work tirelessly at Rolfe’s, teaching the children strategies of how to cope with changes; how to manage their feelings and how to develop resilience and independence. We truly value well-being and this is why we celebrate children’s mental health week. Sometimes, even as adults, we need reminding that its okay not to be okay. It is normal to feel upset or feel sad, but we do need to know what to do if we have worries or concerns. Often, it is about finding your brave and talking to someone.  Life will always throw you those curve balls. But, we have a choice, we can choose to run and hide or take on the challenge.

This week, the children at Rolfe’s are going to enjoy playing a variety of games, that involve recognising different feelings. They will be painting to different musical tempos and will find ways to express themselves to the music and through their painting. What I am really looking forward to, is seeing the children make their own lavender scented play dough! Relaxation is an art form!

At Rolfe’s, it is not just about this special, dedicated week, it is about learning to form habits and explore ways to nourish your soul regularly and enjoy a good work/life balance. We won the London’s Healthy Workplace Award for good reasons!  I encourage the staff  to take ownership over their own well-being and leading by example, they often see me slipping into my trainers, after school, and heading to my weekly Yoga class. Namaste.

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