Rolfe’s Nursery School
Rolfe’s Nursery School Rolfe’s Nursery School Rolfe’s Nursery School Rolfe’s Nursery School

Aims & Ethos

Our vision at Rolfe’s Nursery School is to provide the very best start to each child’s education.

At Rolfe’s Nursery School, we get to know every child (and family) really well. We celebrate character, challenge capabilities and promote independence. We embrace a skills based approach to our Early Years Curriculum and strive to facilitate a love of learning, encouraging our children to become life-long learners.

As an Alpha Plus School, we ensure that we meet the highest standards and can measure achievement and deliver the Alpha Plus Gold Standard of Nursery Education.

This Gold Standard of Education Includes

  • High aspirations and expectations for all pupils and staff
  • Outstanding leadership at all levels
  • Working closely in partnership with parents
  • A focus on high quality teaching and learning
  • A commitment to self-review and continuous improvement

Our highly skilled teachers work together to provide a happy, nurturing and safe environment, where all children can flourish and achieve every day. We passionately focus on developing the whole child, but do provide well-balanced academic opportunities and challenge in order to help prepare the children for entry into prestigious pre-preparatory schools and Reception Classes.

Our School Values Are

  • Confidence
  • Kindness
  • Independence
  • Resilience

Kindness and good manners are important at Rolfe’s Nursery School and are promoted throughout our curriculum. We pride ourselves on promoting British values. As part of our curriculum, we focus on a particular value each week such as kindness, respect or good manners.

We meet as a whole school together twice a week for Music and Movement, to celebrate birthdays and to participate in our weekly Rainbow Awards Ceremony.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every child leaves Rolfe’s Nursery School having thoroughly enjoyed their time with us and be ready for the next step in their education journey.

Rolfe’s Nursery School Rolfe’s Nursery School Rolfe’s Nursery School
Rolfe’s Nursery School

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