Rolfe’s Nursery School
Rolfe’s Nursery School Rolfe’s Nursery School Rolfe’s Nursery School Rolfe’s Nursery School

Alpha Plus Group

Rolfe’s Nursery School is part of the Alpha Plus Group.  As an Alpha Plus school, we provide first class learning, which enables our children to achieve their full potential in a secure and caring environment.

The primary purpose of the Alpha Plus Group is to develop excellence in education through well-directed investment and professional management. The Gold Standard is the Group’s vision of educational excellence. It comprises two dimensions:

  • Cultural-fostering high aspirations and expectations of staff and pupils, always recognising that excellence is a never-ending pursuit
  • Operational-robust governance through which schools, colleges and central services are simultaneously supported and challenged in their pursuit of excellence

The group recognises that great schools have their own identity and ethos and seeks to preserve such independent values. Whilst the interpretation and execution of ‘excellence’ may therefore vary across the Group, many elements, such as outstanding leadership, and passion and pride in teaching and learning, are common to all.

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