Rolfe’s Nursery School
Rolfe’s Nursery School Rolfe’s Nursery School Rolfe’s Nursery School Rolfe’s Nursery School

Pastoral Care

At Rolfe’s Nursery School, the safety of all of the children in our care is of paramount importance.

At the heart of our nursery school are key values of kindness, honesty, integrity and thoughtfulness. Our Golden Rule is ‘to treat others the way you would like to be treated’. We teach children good manners and respect and promote this further through our weekly assembly.

On entry into school each day, children are greeted with a smile and a handshake. We teach children to make eye contact and to greet others politely.

The school environment at Rolfe’s Nursery School is neat, tidy and clean. We believe that taking great care of our learning environment is important. This creates a sense of purpose and calm throughout the school. Our children and their teachers are very proud of the school building.

Our secret garden is a place of fun and enjoyment. We have a large sandpit, waterwheel and sweet little playhouse. Children love to play outside and all of the activities that we provide are carefully planned and organised.

The staff at Rolfe’s Nursery School are highly trained and experienced in the provision of early years education.   They treat each child as an individual, establishing relationships of interest and support. Our teachers stay with us for many years, which creates consistency and stability for families, especially those with siblings.

Daily opportunities are provided for informal conversation between teachers and parents, with more formal opportunities for parent-teacher meetings planned throughout the year.

Rolfe’s calendar is filled with opportunities for celebration. Children and their families join us for tea parties, charity events, for the Nativity play and our very own Easter Bonnet Parade.