At Rolfe’s Nursery School we work closely with every family to support and guide each through 4 + entry assessments and interviews and to prepare every child for the reception year.

Mrs O’Brien is a fully trained primary school teacher, Ofsted inspector and an Early Years professional. She has worked in many independent schools across London, including Pembridge Hall School for Girls’ where she led a department for six years. Having nurtured close relationships with schools across London over many years, Mrs O’Brien is able to support and steer each individual family through the school selection process. Rolfe’s Nursery School also welcomes reception teachers and school head teachers. A collaborative partnership helps all to develop an understanding of what is expected in terms of school readiness, ensuring that all children are well prepared for starting at big school.

Many children at Rolfe’s Nursery School transfer into Alpha Plus Schools, especially school in Notting Hill such as Wetherby, Wetherby Kensington, Pembridge Hall and Chepstow House. There is always a group of families who transfer on to schools outside of the Alpha Plus Group and Mrs O’Brien will work with each family to select the right school for their child.

Please see below for a list of the most popular schools that children move on to from Rolfe’s: