At Rolfe’s Nursery School we work closely with every family to support and guide each through 4 + entry assessments and interviews and to prepare every child for the reception year.

A collaborative partnership helps all to develop an understanding of what is expected in terms of school readiness, ensuring that all children are well prepared for starting at big school. Click here to see our School readiness policy.

Over 65% of our pupils go on to Alpha Plus Group schools, after completing their Nursery Education at Rolfe’s Nursery School.
35% of pupils go on to other top, prestigious schools.

Top September 2020 Destination Schools

Bassett House School The Hall
Bute House Notting Hill Prep
Chepstow House School Wetherby Notting Hill
Falkner House (Girls) Wetherby Kensington


Please see below for a list of the most popular schools that children move on to from Rolfe’s: